About Us

logo“SOULATSO’’ is located in the area called Ornos. It is one of the best pizza restaurants on this island, which offers good food in a totally simple and classy environment. Our kitchen and pizzeria are very well taken care of so we can guarantee the quality and real tastes of Italy.

Vasilis, the owner of the restaurant, personally oversees the kitchen and the floor activities. With his special personal touch he creates an environment which makes it easy to enjoy your dinner.
Soulatso offers you a big variety of appetizers: brusque with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and grilled vegetables, shrimps with basil and fresh tomato
As well, you should try our salads and variety of pastas: “Vongole”, “Soulatso”, Frutti Di Mare, Tartuffe.

For your main course we suggest plates as: Scaloppini with pork, Scaloppini with shrimp in balsamic vinegar, Grilled scaloppini.
Our pizzas are classic Italian mixed with very tasty Greek ingredients: from olives to vegetables with perfect virgin olive oil.
Our sweets are all fresh, prepared the same day: Brownies, Tiramisu, Panakota, Cream of Catalane.

You can enjoy your coffee with our desserts at our bar, or perhaps a beautiful cocktail or drink.


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